Our Current Artists: 

Gates Bookerton

Through a series of mysterious and transcendent interactions with Andrew J., our staff came to be connected to the recordings of Gates Bookerton.  Only seeing it fitting to follow through with the wishes of Andrew J., Metal Majesty Records has fully published the recordings, story, and artwork as presented to us.

Shame the Masses

Shame the Masses is the modern technical/ progressive metal band of the recording artist Justin Bruce. Shame the Masses is well-known for the singles "Shame the Masses", "Punk Enough to Die Young", and "One More Good Time".

Justin Bruce

For over 20 years, Justin Bruce's signature mix of songwriting and fiery guitar playing has delighted local Texas audiences and fans across the world through his commercial releases.  Justin has been featured locally in The Facts newspaper and internationally in Lifoti Magazine. As a lead guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, he has performed live and recorded with a number of other artists. To date, Justin has been credited with writing or co-writing over 110 original songs.

Kosmo Quasar 

We are excited to represent and promote the rap/hip-hop producer known as Kosmo Quasar.  Quasar is known for his work building rap/hip-hop instrumentals and producing tracks with up-and-coming rappers.


Legacy Artists:

Double Tap

Taking the internet by storm in the early days of MySpace, Double Tap was a rock/acoustic rock band from Angleton, Texas. Founded in the early 2000s and one of the first artists to sign onto the Metal Majesty label, Double Tap wrote and recorded a large number of original songs as well as playing covers of alternative and classic rock hits. Double Tap recorded and released a self-titled debut album in 2006. 

One review had this to say about the album:

"Alternative acoustic rock to upbeat atmospheric chill rock à la Days of the New, Jack Johnson, and Dave Matthews Band"

Double Tap is currently on hiatus as of 2007.